Putting Happiness in Employee Wellness

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Happiness Makeover uses fun,easy and effective techniques to build resiliency.


We evaluate your organization on best practices and recommend improvements.

Mathematical Equation

We base our process on the latest scientific breakthroughs in positive psychology.

What sets us apart from the rest

Analysis & Strategy

Our experts are skilled with a variety of types of analyses.


Experts & Psychiatrists in the field of happiness endorse the 5 steps process

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Happiness Makeover offers tips, videos, audio lessons and handbooks.

Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD

Professor at University of California

Dr. Aymee Coget has extensive knowledge in sustainable happiness and positive psychology. She takes the latest scientific advances in positive psychology and applies them in her step-be-step practical leadership-based programs and corporate speeches. She teaches her audiences, for example, how to use positive psychology to help relieve stress and alleviate depression. Whether you are an individual looking to become happier, a mental health professional looking to learn how to use positive psychology, or a business looking for to transform your workplace into a happier environment, I encourage you to contact Dr. Aymee."

Walter Jacobson, MD

Psychiatrist, Diplomate of American Psychiatry Association

Aymee is the personification of her work: In addition to being an expert in Positive Psychology and Sustainable Happiness, who effectively teaches others how to discover their own happiness and unlimited creative potential, she is someone who exudes happiness, positivity, enthusiasm and self-confidence on a daily basis. There is no doubt she practices what she preaches. My experience as a student of her Happiness Makeover was empowering and transformative. She is truly gifted and I highly recommend her.


Harvard Lecturer on Positive Psychology and Leadership
Dr Aymee Coget has taken the science of happiness and made it accessible to all.  She brings her energy, passion, and joy to her work, and draws on research to provide practical advice. If you want to experience more energy, passion, and joy in your life - whatever it is that you do -- read this book. 



At age 19, Aymee realized her life's purpose was to help millions of people live happier lives. Since the birth of positive psychology, cutting edge techniques in leadership, and extensive mentorship with those achieving greater than 20 years of sustainable happiness, she has formulated a proprietary process to teach happiness like mathematics.  Aymee has almost 20 years consulting on the topic of happiness with leaders, media, global corporations, governmental and community initiatives.   She is the author of forthcoming book : Sustainable Happiness in 5 Steps.  Her PhD is in Organizational Psychology with an emphasis in leadership and positive psychology.  Visit Dr Aymee's Blog for updates and musings on sustainable happiness.