Couples Happiness Makeover

Desire happiness. Desire love. Desire each-other.

About the program

The Couples Happiness Program focuses on the strengths that work within your relationship. For example, sometimes couples tend to focus so strongly on the negative or disappointing aspects of their relationship that they lose what made them connect in the first place. This program utilizes the skills needed to enhance your relationship, based on learned positive psychology. You will learn to create a feel good “from the inside out” relationship that supports a happy life. Of course every couple will face obstacles. The Couples Happiness Makeover provides you and your partner the tools to learn how to quickly utilize positive conflict resolution practices so that you can communicate effectively and avoid downward spirals. Regardless of how long you’ve been together, you can create a FRESH START. Email today and create a strength based relationship by learning positive conflict resolution and heart based long term benefits.

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