Make Me Happy - The Happiness Makeover

When you need something to believe in, start with yourself

About the program

Your Happiness Makeover is a holistic regimen that addresses mind, body and soul or spirit. Each class gives students the opportunity to learn and/or refine new skills. There is never any mystical waiting around to feel better. The refined techniques of this program are the best way to discover sustainable happiness. There are five basic steps: empowerment, positive mood, resiliency, contentment, and bliss. The Program is based on positive psychology and appreciative inquiry. It consists of coaching rather than counseling. Students are given clear directions, helpful tools to stay on track, and the support needed to refine their practice and achieve their goal of happiness. Through a daily routine, students learn to access strong healthy moods and buoyancy in their thinking. Results are immediate and sustainable, resulting in life changing outcomes!

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