Workplace Happiness Makeover

Remember happiness is a collective and it is ‘not for everyone’.

About the program

An organization’s culture can make or break a company’s bottom line. The Workplace Happiness Makeover uses positive psychology as a way of inspiring your organizations culture. If you are a startup, small business, or corporation, you’re in the right place! In this program you will learn the importance of self-responsibility in leadership, using an appointed wellness team, the use of positive language, emphasizing knowledge building, indoctrinating habits, having happy objects in the office and much more.

Happiness and positivity are very much an individual experience. Employees have to feel in control of their own well-being and honor the importance of it at work. If employees are married to their stress, yelling, name calling, negative thinking, fear-based projections, constant anxiety or other negative attributes, there will be a problem that needs to be addressed. This is the philosophy around ‘one bad apple.’ Remember happiness is a collective and it is ‘not for everyone’. Whatever the challenge may be, happiness science and positive psychology are the new option for spreading positivity to enhance “well- being” at work all while creating a positive culture. It starts with the leadership and spreads through the employee population.

What To Expect

Give your organization the gift of stress reduction and improve overall performance and goal achievement

Time Commitment

- 3 months – one session per week between 1-2 hours
- 6 Coaching sessions focused on the mind
- 6 Reiki sessions focused on the spirit
- As needed ‘in the moment’ coaching for challenging moments


- Stress reduction
- improved relationships
- improved health
- aids in treating depression
- reduced anxiety
- improves overall performance and goal achievement.


Each student brings their A game to the makeover and treats it like an immersion and training for the happiness Olympics. Happiness becomes the number 1 priority.


- Happy 4 Life: Here’s how to do it by Bob Nozik, MD
- Happy Journal
- Pocket sized memo pad with side binding

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